The Horses of DC

Sir John Dill, Arlington National Cemetery

Washington Circle

Pegasi are horses. Sort of.

Prezwalski's Horse at the National Zoo.

I am being nice, I took a lot more of these.

Smithsonian Carousel on the Mall

Yeah I rode it. So would you.

I rode the middle one. I rarely get to ride paints.

Phillip Kearney statue at Arlington.

Check out that bridle.

I like this one.

Hi there.

Check those ears!

He never says much for some reason.


I'm different!

Fun as it is . . .

. . . to horse around . . .

. . . our day job . . .

. . . is pretty important.

Thanks to Spec. Staples, USA, who showed me around Fort Myer’s Old Guard Caisson stables. The Large Ham (equine version) is Peter, the pretty girl is Minnie, sadly I do not remember the black Perch’s name, and the funeral I saw was for an Air Force Major General. For anyone who wants to visit, the stables are open noon to four for public visitors.


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