Lucky’s Roomate

This is one those times when I really wish I had a digital camera. I would love to have a photo of Lucky’s apparent roommate.

I went to the barn this morning earlier than usual, after dropping Tucker at the vet at 7:30. Did you know it’s dark at 7:30? (No. I’m not a morning person. Not remotely. Well, actually, they’re not so bad, it’s the getting-up part that’s the killer.) That was much too early, even allowing for the half-hour drive to the barn, so I killed time at the McDonald’s with one of those cinnamon melty things and a coffee. (I’d had coffee before I left. That wasn’t enough.) I did actually manage to remember to bring a book at least.

The drive to the barn was all in grayscale. The sun was starting to come out, but with the weather we’ve been having, there was fog. The trees were all frosted over as well, making everything white or gray. Another reason to wish I had a camera. The temperature has been high enough that things are melting, and then today it was below freezing again (still high twenties, but colder than it’s been.) Unfortunately at the barn that meant not much of anything today–the snow that’s melted on the ground has refrozen into ice, and when I tried to turn for the outdoor Lucky skidded and had no traction. So we walked in the lane instead, where some melt has gone all the way through to grass and he could graze a little, much to Trudy’s annoyance.

Oh, yes, Lucky’s roommate. When I got there, I put his first dose of biotin pellets into his tub to see if he’d eat them without grain (not a problem. The search for something Lucky will NOT eat continues.) While looking down into the stall to do this, I saw something on the ground by his manger. There was a little brown mouse at the corner of the manger (basically a rectangular wooden box about two feet deep, three feet long, and a foot and a half wide), apparently rooting for seeds coming off the hay. He seemed very unconcerned about the giant horse feet inches away, and he didn’t seem at all worried when I came in to get said horse. And when I put Lucky away, the mouse was not only still there, but apparently had escaped the notice of Black Cat (another barn cat) who was taking a nap in the manger and was thoroughly put out that Lucky wanted his hay back!

Not that I mind the stunning winter scenery, and as I keep reminding myself Lucky is supposed to be having time off, but the ice is not helping any real progress here.