Better Enjoy It, Lucky….

This is probably the only time you will EVER be mentioned in the same sentence as the late, great Black Tie Affair.

Once again, Teresa Genaro of Brooklyn Backstretch has mentioned Lucky, this time in a brief article for the Thoroughbred Times on-line about post-race careers and the recent health and safety summit. While plans for her to visit on her trip out west (hey, I lived in Boston, everything west of Albany might as well be Dodge City) fell through, we WILL get her out to meet Lucky in person, hopefully sooner rather than later! At least some time when it’s summer, and he’s not in all his yak-coated scruffy glory.

It’s still racing season at Finger Lakes, Lucky’s last professional stomping ground (okay, he mostly was getting stomped, not doing the stomping, but still.) That means new horses for the Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program Trainer Listings.

This lovely young lady is actually in my Virtual Stable, and it’s true, she’s really just not very talented at being a racehorse. Also, I can vouch that her trainer is, in my experience, up front and easy to deal with. Were I looking to buy right now, I wouldn’t hesitate to consider another horse from him.

And if you want something more like Lucky’s age and price range, and a gelding with some of the kindest eyes you’ll ever see, please consider this fellow, Tri Crusading. He’s in need of a home sooner rather than later, and if I had a stall and time for a second horse, he would be coming home with me, as had Lucky been sold when I called he was next on my list last fall. But I have neither a stall, nor time to work two horses, nor in fact the up-front cash I’d need to ship him out here. So someone needs to capitalize on my lack of unlimited resources and scoop him up for a song.