Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner (and Breakfast, and Lunch, and Dinner Tomorrow, and…)


Just another day in the barn…



Hey, that’s the truck.  The truck is coming back!


Where have they been and who is that?


That’s different.  That’s definitely different.



Who is THAT?

“That” is Tice.  Yes, as a matter of fact, <a href=”“>this Tice.</a>  


I had a very fancy mommy and daddy.

He has been living in retirement in Indiana, and when his owner, the lovely and generous B., found out I was still looking for a pasture companion and at most light-riding type, she suggested Tice.  After a trip down to meet him in person, we decided to give it a try.  Today Dad and I made the really long round trip to central Indiana to pick him up.  Mom stocked us up with snacks, we packed up the hay bag and extra hay, three two-gallon jugs of spring water and a bucket, his snazzy new sale halter (just like Lucky’s, only black), and we managed to find the barn and get the trailer in with relatively little fuss.  Getting Tice IN the trailer required a little more fuss, but he did eventually load.  THIS is more how I expect a TB to act: a bit of opinion expressing about how he does not enjoy standing around in a trailer, he is not interested in the water, though he will stuff himself with the hay, and are we there yet?


Also. now we’re there, where is there?

The first thing he did once in his new stall was get down and roll.  The second thing was start prowling for something to eat.  He did eventually decide to drink (apparently, well water > store-bought spring water) before going back to stuffing himself with hay.  No grain tonight, since he had a very stressful day, but as long as all systems appear normal he’ll get a mix of his old feed and new for breakfast.  


Then we go outside and play?  We’ll see, Lucky, as long as the rain stops.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Teresa
    Jun 27, 2013 @ 08:05:23

    Congratulations! It always makes me smile to see a new post from you and to see how Lucky is doing. Can’t wait to see him with his new friend.


  2. Hannah
    Aug 11, 2013 @ 18:08:58

    Holy cats! I had somehow missed until your comment the other day that you had a new one — I didn’t realize it was such a fancily-bred new one!


    • The Author
      Aug 12, 2013 @ 10:19:09

      Yep! He’s a long-term lease from B. (she is the good kind of track buyer–when she called his trainer at Sunray and asked if they had any plans for him the trainer said “Want him?” and she was like..”Um, let me find someone to haul him to Indiana!”) And VERY fancy bred, but not at all snobby about it. 😉 Also, now our vet has a reality show and a horse has been on another one on a competing network–apparently Tice was on “Jockeys” as the mount of one of the featured riders, Aaron Gryder (?), at the Oak Tree meet. He…well, he was on the back end of his career then. He means well. It’s really funny, though, how in turnout he still does run like an AP Indy–head down and GO! Although it’s less “Yay running!” than “OMG LUCKY IS TROTTING OFF WAIT FOR MEEEEEE!” They’re so cute being buddies.

      Now I can’t wait for them to meet the goat… (See for a picture of HIM…)


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