Sometimes He Just Needs to Remind Everyone…

He might be off the track, but he’s still a thoroughbred. Lucky was in a mood today. Probably itching from the truly absurd amount of hair that’s shedding out of his coat, maybe because it’s gone from being a very unseasonable 80 degrees to barely topping forty, but he felt like twitching and tossing his head every time I got near him with the shedding comb. And going out to the round pen, it might have been the weather and it might have been the noise from sawdust being unloaded, but he decided to even put in a little prancing on his way out the door. As I’m still more than a little exhausted from a dance competition Thursday (which I got home from at 2:30am on Friday) and having to then be functional at a late-evening event on Friday, I just lunged him, and apparently that was a good idea. Lucky is not prone to getting his kinks out, but today he even tried what I’ll charitably call a little crow-hopping.

Some days even Lucky feels obliged to try and live up to the wild, wacky, Thoroughbred stereotype.


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