URGENT: BenRay Horses need Homes

Please check out the following link:


There are still four mares at last information who need placing by 1/31/12. There’s some nice, nice bloodlines (including a mare with Olympia, if you find horses like Lucky appealing) and really, the only thing holding me back at this point is that I do not have my own trailer.

And Lucky continues to mend/come out of his funk, whichever it is. I think some part of him likes the excuse to just stand in the crossties and be pampered. He got a haircut (mane was getting a big shaggy again) and I used the “bath in a bottle” on his tail. Which I’m sure will be full of straw and manure again in no time flat (he likes to get creative when messing up his stall) but it looked really pretty. And for having been cut pretty short when I got him, the longest hairs are now not QUITE brushing the ground. I should probably, for neatness’ sake, cut it short, as the cold/warm weather weirdness means everywhere at the barn that’s not under cover is mud. I don’t want to wish for a mountain of snow, but it would at least be cleaner.


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