Winding Down for the Winter

The signs of winter approaching: the leaves turn color and fall, the days get shorter and grayer, and horses turn to fuzz, with girth marks vanishing and appearing on their own. Lucky has turned brown and fuzzy again, just in time for the weather to cool off so he has a little more energy. Today was classic bleak November: gray skies, wind, and the trees are almost bare. It was warmer than usual, though–definitely warmer than last week, when the fuzz seemed warranted as we had sleet that stayed as ice on the grass. Either Lucky, who’s seemed stiff in his hind end (I suspect I’ve let him be a bit lazy this summer as it doesn’t seem a consistent pain, though if I can schedule a lameness check with a vet recommended to me, I’m going to get that done. Being off the beaten path does have its down side) is feeling better or he decided the weather agrees with him. It’s a nice change from needing to nudge him along. Still, pretty soon it’s going to be too cold to ride much, and probably too much snow. Lucky will probably not mind that much–the barn is full of hay and he has a warm fuzzy coat.

And as it’s November, it’s also the big push for many thoroughbred placement groups as the northeastern tracks close for the season. This year there are many, many horses to chose from if you’d like a Finger Lakes’ Finest like Lucky. Consider a Finger Lakes Thoroughbred for your next horse!


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