Nothing Much To See Here….

No, really. It’s just one of those fall times–sunny, not too hot, the bugs are starting to decline (but not gone yet, alas), and everyone’s getting just a bit fuzzy. Lucky’s gone from blood bay to brownie again. Yesterday, I couldn’t get out to the barn until after work, and it’s getting darker earlier, so by the time I got out there it was fading light and feeling late. Instead of riding, I put the chain over his nose and we took a grazing walk. The BO’s grandkids had their haunted trail set up. It’s good to know that I do in fact have the arm strength to hold an upset thoroughbred, as Lucky decided one trail full of hanging bats and especially big cotton spiderwebs was just too much. Which is funny, as walking under the caution tape, which actually TOUCHED him, didn’t bother him all that much. He was happy to eat his way back across the hayfield, though.

Today I didn’t ride as long as maybe I could have, but I do get the feeling he gets sore in the back end. I suppose, given he’s coming ten, he is at the age where having had a heavy career his joints are getting old. It gets better as he works it out. I still only asked for one jump, especially as he trotted to it (a crossrail with a bar across the top, probably 21″) and cantered off without taking any of the rails down. Then we ambled for a bit. It’s good ambling weather. Of course, this will be followed by good skiing weather, which is not good for any kind of riding at all. Maybe this winter it’ll be a little lighter on the snow . . . .


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