Dog Days of Summer

Which they really are here. 89.9 yesterday morning, with humidity. Even walking to the mailbox was a bit much for the dogs. And Friday, at the barn, it was storming, but since I wanted to get out at least once this weekend, he got groomed. He was perfectly happy to not get ridden. He did get ridden Sunday and Monday, and the weekend prior, though. Forward, forward, forward and a bop with the whip when he’s lazy. And I found the side reins I knew we had, so when the surcingle arrives from Poor Man’s Equine we can do some strength-building trot work in the round pen. Especially good for when his hip is achin’ and he doesn’t need my fat butt on his back. (Plus sometimes it’s nice to be able to see what he’s doing.)

As for why I didn’t ride last Saturday, I had a dinner to go to in Chicago. Since it ended late, I figured I’d get in early on Saturday and spend the afternoon up at Arlington Park.

Against All Odds

Ship From Abroad, the only bet that paid off for me all day.

Our Lady In Red, eventual winner, checks herself out on the jumbotron.

Seans Silverdancer shows off in the post parade (eventually dead-heated for fourth.)

Grooms waiting for the field to come back.

A horse and his groom (Nagy's Piggy Bank)


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