All Quiet (And Wet) on the Western Front

I don’t know if it’s the cause of the not-quite-right I’ve been feeling, but according to the farrier the crack in Lucky’s left fore has a fungal infection. I hadn’t thought much of it as it was a minor split (Benny had a similar one from where he blew an abscess that lasted pretty much his whole life, no matter what the farrier did) but given how wet it’s been I can see how that would happen. We’ve been using White Lightning, and it’s yet another case of Lucky apparently tolerating anything. He has absolutely zero problem with having his foot taped in a plastic bag for a half-hour or more while the chlorine dioxide does its work. That gave me time, meanwhile, to work some more on his coat, and I got far more hair out than I would have thought possible, considering he looks largely shed out. I wound up with a massive pile of hair and a horse who was very happy to stand there and rub in that he got peppermints and no one else did. They were all inside, as we are still getting rained on every day. The constant downpours are starting to get very tiresome, not just because I couldn’t ride even if his foot were up to it but at home I would really like to cut the grass before it’s higher than my head.

As such, I’m currently mowing by pony power. Misty, the pony next door, is staked out at the bottom of my yard, working on the grass down there. (I believe she’s technically a POA/mini cross, but she’s bigger than the average mini.) She is another P-O-N-Y four-letter pony, though she largely cooperates with me and she hasn’t kicked the dogs into next week, despite Puff apparently being unsure whether she is a large dog or small horse and running up behind her for the usual dog inspection. In addition to grass-trimming duties, she is also providing fertilizer for my compost bin, if you know what I mean. I am surprised, though I shouldn’t be, by how small pony poop is. I’ve been shoveling too many horse-sized piles, I suppose. It should help with the garden, though. That is, if it ever stops raining long enough to finish planting it.


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