Now for an update, with photos!

Hopefully, I’ll also be able to upload some video, as Dad filmed some video of the riding (and the jumping at least looks better when we’re moving.)

TBs Together: Lucky and his new roomie.

Me setting jumps. Not sure why Mom felt like taking this one, but there it is.

Dad meets Dino. Dino meets Dad.

The B.O. was riding when we got there, and asked if Dad wanted to hop on. It took some persuading, as he hasn’t ridden since my old OTTB, Benny, died. He’d taken a few lessons on him while my brother and I were both at college, but that’s it for a while. Now, Dad is not particularly short. Dino is not especially tall. But Dino is BROAD.

Lucky and Dino. I really don't feel THAT much taller.

We were just walking around, killing time while J. finished dragging the track. The day before it had rained and their friends had brought over their trotting ponies to work after the races they’d been headed to were called on account of weather. Once he’d finished grooming it, we headed out so Mom could get some good pictures.

Jogging wrong way round.

We jogged for about a quarter-mile.

WAY down...

And then we turned back.


I like how he cocked his right ear back to listen to me.

Believe it or not, my stirrups are on the top hole, which I punched in them. I think I need to add another.

This is actually after we stopped after the half-mile pole, jogged back, and went for a walk/trot/canter in the field to the left in the photo and spooked up a little bird that was either a woodcock or bobwhite quail. See the crazy OTTB who must never be allowed to run because that's just CRAZY.

Seriously. Lazy-butt didn't even break a sweat.

After that, we went back to the arena for some flat work and a little jumping.

Some groundwork.

Jumping, with funny facial expressions (because I'm clucking at him. A lot.)

Cat crossing.

Did I mention Nanook really wanted to help?

They will NEVER find me here.

And here is the OTTB running barrels.

Speaking of crazy. Do not try this at home (unless you have a horse as sane as Lucky.)

Seriously, don't try this. Aren't you terrified of OTTBs yet?

If anyone’s wondering, yes, I’m riding aside on the PDN, and yes, he’s listening fine with the stick on the right and my leg on the left. The bit I’m riding in for all of the above is the rubber mullen-mouth dee.

Lucky getting a nice hose down and liniment on his legs. Not that he wasn't bone dry under the saddle. Lucky doesn't break a sweat unless it's 90 out.

Mr. Biscuit has no time for your shenanegans. (And in case anyone was wondering why there's cat hair on the barn towels....)

Yes, see the terrifying OTTB, who cannot be trusted outside the ring. For the record: rubber dee bit, no tranquilizing agents (though given he probably did that 3f in something like :48, he might as well have been on them), galloping, open fields (the track and the hayfield have no fencing), jumping crossrails, trotting and cantering barrels, letting silly rider tool around side saddle. And as for me, I’m happiest that while we were doing flat work, as I argued about picking up the right lead (LOTS of circles and rebending and trying it again) I lost an iron when we finally got the correct one and decided not to fuss picking it up and risk losing the canter. I stuck it so well my mother, the one who’s watched me ride for years, despite me passing less than three feet from where she was sitting with my right ankle at her eye level, didn’t even notice I’d lost it.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jae
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 23:47:36

    You can tell what Lucky is used to doing. He looks in wonderful form while running, but still looks a bit uncomfortable at the trot and canter.

    He is absolutely beautiful, and looks very happy in his new life. I was just looking at photos from when you first got him, and it’s hard to believe he is the same horse. Go Lucky!!


    • The Author
      Sep 18, 2010 @ 17:40:48

      I wish he could put on some weight, though he looks less musclebound (and less fuzzy, though looking at his coat that won’t last long!) We put him on a bit more grain and started it that day the photos were taken. The B.O. said “He got half a scoop of grain this morning, so he should be all hot for you!” (Lucky is not hot. I think Lucky would need a LOT more grain before that happens.)

      What’s really funny is look at his extension “jogging”. In the ring he just figures he doesn’t really have to try that hard.


  2. Louise
    Sep 18, 2010 @ 06:46:22

    Dino is adorable! And you and Lucky look great together. You certainly got a sane one. Seems to be Jared’s specialty. Long Chase went to MidAtlantic earlier this week. The description that we got from them was “calm, steady and unflappable.”

    I want to see you actually enter a barrel racing class at a show. That’d show ’em.


    • The Author
      Sep 18, 2010 @ 17:03:45

      Well, provided I can find a barrel saddle narrow enough (I’ve yet to find a speed class that allows English tack)…though given he has the turning radius of a truck and can be a bit slow to accelerate, he probably isn’t going to win any prizes. But he certainly remembers the pattern!

      Yeah, you gotta wonder if Jared is running some kind of sneaky resale operation–buy the old ones with good minds, sell them off for riding horses…does he still have Six Girl Salute? She’s gotten pushed pretty far down the FL board.

      Heh, Dino KNOWS he is adorable. He is under the impression we all missed a memo and don’t understand that he is a MAJIKAL GYPSY VANNER and his job is to stand in a field farting butterflies and pooping rainbows, not this WORK BS. How dare the BO expect him to step over sticks and go faster than a walk? (He suffers greatly, can you tell?)


  3. Jae
    Sep 23, 2010 @ 12:48:19

    I wonder what would happen if you put a couple of jumps on the track? Do you think he would get it?


  4. Teresa
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 17:14:23

    These are terrific! Great to see photos of you, of him, and the cats. Still hoping to see him–and you!–in person one of these days.


    • The Author
      Sep 27, 2010 @ 21:27:56

      You are always welcome! (Lucky says especially if you come bearing peppermints.) And if you want a souvenir, the B.O. would be happy to see the newest kitten find an indoor home. Even if I’d had a camera, I couldn’t take pictures. We’d all be ded from kewt. The Pest and Nanook are horribly jealous.


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