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Regularly-scheduled updates this weekend (and I may even see about uploading our very first YouTube video) when I have access to high-speed. Until then, please enjoy the latest addition to the blogroll, The Grey Horse. I do not need a pretty Saddlebred, I do not need a pretty Saddlebred, I do not even have room for another Finest any time soon. Though if you are looking for a Finger Lakes Finest, please consider Forgotten Cat, who is a handsome chestnut fellow, or perhaps Five Blessings, a strapping red son of River Keen. For those who like the ladies, there is the very pretty gray girl Dance For Fashion, who’s already turned out at the farm. If tall leggy brunettes are more your thing, there’s Abigail Rose, and consider that if you think she’s tall now, her fellow Say Florida Sandy Finest, Say Karakorum Sandy, topped out over 17.


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  1. Louise
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 15:17:00

    Oh come on, of course you need another Finest. And, I’ll tell you, that Five Blessings is one handsome fellow. Seriously, thanks for publicizing the Finest. It’s moving quickly towards the end of the Season, and crunch time is fast approaching.


    • The Author
      Sep 14, 2010 @ 15:32:53

      Oh, no, we are officially out of stalls at the moment. Zoey took the last one (and all the bedding stored there had to be moved somewhere else.) Believe me, if I had the extra $225/month for board and a place to put him, I wouldn’t be advertising Forgotten Cat because he’d be coming to live with me!


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