We’re Fine, We’re All Fine Here. How Are You?

Just nothing exciting to report this week. My parents brought down the last two sets of jump standards Dad finished, and even at ten in the morning when we dropped them off it was already chokingly hot. I pulled Lucky out of the pen and decided today would just be another bath day. I brushed him off and gave him an aloedine bath, with lots of hosing. Then he got scraped and toweled and liniment and hoof dressing, and probably figured this was the best day ever because he got handwalked up and down the drive, eating on grass. By the time he had dried off enough to flyspray (again) and turn out, it was up near 90 again. Gag-inducing humidity did not help. Lucky was perfectly happy with no riding in it. I am happy not to experience heat prostration again.

However, we may be facing a more serious crisis: we are out of peppermints. And Costco, where we went after the barn, DID NOT HAVE PEPPERMINTS. They did, however, have wintergreen Lifesavers, so hopefully, he is not highly selective about which kind of mint. Until I can get to a store with bulk peppermints, this may be a concern. Otherwise, we will be at Defcon One.


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