Lucky, You Are Not A Thelwell Pony

This is a Thelwell pony.

You are not a Thelwell pony, Lucky. You’re not short, and you’re certainly not chubby. I appreciate it if you’re trying to teach me how not to bang your mouth or back when you stop and then pop from a standstill, and I think I’m doing a pretty decent job. However, I would sometimes like to practice riding over the X from a nice trot. You trot nicely to the X, you stop, you look down, you hop over from a standstill. I would think it would be a lot less work even to just trot over it and pick your feet up a little more.

According to the BO, a girl who’d bought the BO’s old quarter horse hauled in to practice games, hence the barrels set up for bending, flag, and barrel racing left set up in the ring. After a couple tries with the Xs, and one pass that was more or less forward and over, we decided to play English games pony. Lucky does not have the flexibility to turn, even at the trot, as tightly as a barrel racer, but he seemed to be grasping the idea that, when he comfortable could, he should go faster. I don’t think he’s ever going to be a champion rodeo horse (and especially when tight turns aren’t the horse’s forte, getting the stick in the bucket is harder than it looks, so winning flag races is probably not in our future, either) but he did seem to have fun doing something different.

Since I’m currently enjoying wireless, here are a few photo updates. Sadly, no one was nearby to take pictures of Lucky’s less-than-enthusiastic jumping technique (K. was at the house, but standing out in the sun would not have been a great deal of fun.)

Notice which face is coming towards us, and which butt is going away.

New bridle, looking spiffy (well, a little stiff yet, too. Still breaking in. And the cavesson is STILL on the big side. Lucky just has a tiny nose.

Does that look like pinfiring to anyone?

Peppermint Face.

Hi, Dino.

Look at the shiny!


Dust cloud.

Isn't he pleased with himself.


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