Cooling Off

Not the weather, sadly, but I paid more attention today. I spent more time on errands than riding, which was just as well as we had a huge thunderstorm while I was at Tractor Supply. Not that it helped clearing up the heat or humidity. I didn’t plan on actually riding much or even at all if the weather didn’t hold, but I did want to try the BO’s homemade flyspray recipe. Pine-Sol, vinegar, and water. At least it smells a lot better than most stuff. I picked up Vetrolin for a wash, and roll-on for his face. At least the flies at the barn aren’t as bad as the deer flies at home. Tucker is going to be carried off and eaten at this rate–for some reason they seem to prefer the dogs and they absolutely mob her.

I decided, since it was hot and I didn’t want to do much, and since we’re experimenting this week, when the rain stopped by the time I got to the barn I would just throw a bridle on him and try tooling around bareback. I had done a little bareback when I first had him, mostly just testing to see what he thought of things. Today I threw the racing bridle on and asked for some actual riding. First, I guess he is a narrow tree–that or it just feels really bony with no saddle! Steering was still no problem, and he did pick up a real jog (not a racing “jog”) when I asked. I even, feeling crazy, trotted him over crossrails. He is getting better at just going on, even picking up the trot again when he slows to a walk to step over. Mostly, though, we putzed around at the walk and rode out in the pastures (since everyone was inside because of the morning storms.) I debated a canter, but as he still picks it up through a really, really big trot that didn’t seem like a great idea.

After riding I gave him a Vetrolin washdown. I’m thinking might need the human equivalent–I will not be posting bareback any time soon! Before I left I put the barn aisle fan back on, but I’m not sure how much good it was doing. At home, the dogs, who normally would like to wander around sniffing or walk up the road (of course the direction that’s infested with deer flies) but today they were happy to go out, do their business, come RIGHT BACK IN NOW.


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