Lucky’s Media Campaign Continues…

Lucky at The Rail in the New York Times Blogs

Joe Drape at the NYT’s racing blog picked up Teresa’s story from Brooklyn Backstretch.

Meanwhile, Lucky was the featured model and subject in a much smaller article, that was not all about him no matter what he tells you, in the Three Rivers (MI) Commercial-News. Their Health and Wellness section did a story on Laura Soule, Lucky’s massage therapist, and her work with horses (and specifically Lucky) and with shelter dogs. The article isn’t in their news archives yet, but it features a long description of Lucky’s therapy, and a big picture of Laura working on him. the writer didn’t talk to me, or I would have asked for a specific plug for FLTAP.

My brother is off to Chicago to fly back to New York. He got on the train just in time for the storm to hit. It’s been thunderstorms off and on all day, so I am at home, watching Standing in the Shadows of Motown and sitting with a very neurotic dog. With intermittent storms all day Puff is extremely concerned.


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