Bringing in the Specialist

As I mentioned, my brother came to visit for the holiday weekend. He brought britches, boots, and helmet, and today he got to meet Lucky. It was creeping up to 90, almost, but at least it wasn’t humid. That makes it a thousand times worse. Lucky thinks it’s all bad enough as it is. Though considering that prior to this year he spent the overwhelming majority of his life in Florida, you would think he’d be used to the heat!

I got up first, and since I brought my camera (and ride in jeans, so I had it in my pocket) I snapped a photo:

The view from above.

We walked and trotted a bit and then my brother got to take a test drive.

My brother has been riding Gids, a Perch/TB cross who takes even more leg than Lucky requires. He also is apparently taller and wider. As such, he had relatively little trouble getting a trot that lasted more than halfway round the ring. Then he tried the canter. Lucky still needs to rush into it from a trot, and of course, the big excitement of the day happened while they were trying for that left lead he hates so much. Someone next door either was shooting or setting off a couple firecrackers. Lucky did a bit of a scoot, but my brother did not have a problem stopping him. The problem was not so much the ‘pop’ from next door as Dom, Trudy, and Takota bolting. More trotting and he worked through it.

Once my brother finished, I got back on and, finger or no finger, tried some cantering myself. Between the two of us, we’ve figured out that Lucky is cross-cantering. I think that must be what the people who passed on him that Jared had mentioned meant about ‘not changing behind.’ Even when he does pick up the left lead, he’s still on the right behind. My brother did get both leads eventually, while I tried using a crop tap to get him to switch when he wouldn’t pick up the left for me (which he did, somewhat reluctantly.

My brother’s take in general is positive–it was definitely a different experience for someone who’s been riding road-broke draft crosses and a grade jumper who’s doing courses. He thinks, though, with work, he’s going to be a very nice horse. Though he finds Lucky short. Since Gids is 17+, I think that’s really more an eye of the beholder thing.

Once he gets home tomorrow, he’ll upload the photos from his camera, and hopefully I’ll have a new confo shot showing how sleeknshiny Lucky’s gotten. And some pictures of me riding, though I might not want to post photo evidence of me ignoring doctor’s orders!


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  1. Gaye McCullough
    May 31, 2010 @ 06:23:39

    Sounds like you two had a great day. I’d say three, but I’m quite sure that Lucky wouldn’t agree. After all, he had to work.


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