Ohmygodit’s HOT!

Sorry, not a very original subject line, but it is hot. No Bataan Dog Marches today–there might be actual collapses from heat exhaustion. They’re still sacked out on the floor, waiting for the AC to help.

That did not let Lucky off the hook, though. Today we started in the big ring, and he was more or less all right. Maybe yesterday he was just done with working. The hand is still highly uncooperative, but Lucky was, in general, more so. Maybe it was the heat. He wasn’t overenthused about trotting much, and I didn’t argue as we were more or less traveling in straight lines when so asked and going all the way around. The BO had Dino out to give him a bath, which meant that their pasture was empty. I managed to get the gate open from his back, and decided we’d try going for a ride in their pasture. Lucky seemed slightly puzzled at the idea of going through his pasture gate with me on his back, but he did what the crazy lady on his back asked and went. It was kind of nice–more open space than the ring, but still with fences. It also gave Lucky a chance to have a drink from their tub.

He got a real full-out bath today with shampoo (and iodine; he still has that itchy spot) and he was more than happy to stand there and get sprayed everywhere. I can’t say I blame him. He even stood, even anticipated, the sponge squeezed between the ears. I should have taken my camera–he’s finally starting to look like a sleek, shiny thoroughbred. Of course I’m sure he found a sandy spot to roll in as soon as I turned him back out, but he was all pretty and clean for a moment, anyway.


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  1. Jessica Boyd
    May 24, 2010 @ 22:43:09

    Bar always asks me if I really know how gates are supposed to work when we come at them sideways. “Mom. They open in front of you, you go through them really fast, and never have to worry about shutting them–duh!”

    Glad it’s warm for you, we are about to get (MORE!!) rain! Nooo! I rinsed Bar off yesterday, after which he promptly rolled, but he could really use a full on date with some soap.

    Alas, it will have to wait.

    And I hear you on the one-handed-ness. My cast comes off Wednesday morning. I. Can’t. WAIT!


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