Aw, HAIL no…

I’m still on “be careful” status with the finger, but I wouldn’t have been able to ride in any case as some nasty, nasty weather was rolling in as I got to the barn. We aren’t getting hit as hard as they are farther south, but the thunder was already starting. (It was gorgeous yesterday. Go figure.) Lucky once again dodges the riding bullet. He’s going to HATE me next weekend–my brother is coming to visit. The one who takes regular lessons on horses who are much less cooperative than Lucky. So even if my finger is still not cooperating, he will actually get ridden.

He is finally starting to look like a horse with a summer coat. The world’s itchiest itchy spot still exists under his mane, but most of the long hair elsewhere is FINALLY gone. He has the whole sleek seal coat going on, though it does show off how he’s got some pounds to gain. Not TOO much, I hope! Last week during the ill-fated Tractor Supply trip I was examining weight-gain supplements. I’d like to try something, but don’t want to up his grain intake too much (contrary to what he would tell you, he does not need ten pounds a day.) I don’t want him fat, just a little less skinny. Preferably not by standing there feeding him treats all day.

I finished up while J. was bringing in the others. It wasn’t, per the weather channel, supposed to storm, but we could already hear the thunder. By the time I’d swept up and put away my grooming bucket, the really dark clouds were moving in. By the time I was going through town, the rain had started getting serious. When the first piece of hail hit the car I nearly had a heart attack! I did manage to keep going, and as I went west it got better. I got home in time to rescue poor Puff. Thunderstorms are very, very stressful for him. It was hardly raining when I got there and he spent a half-hour following me around, shaking, and pretending to be disinterested in dinner.

Lucky, as far as I can tell, is not letting his new internet celebrity go to his head. He is wondering why he’s not getting a higher proportion of peppermints in his diet, as is his due for being “famous”.


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