No, I didn’t see the Preakness…

We were stuck in Three Rivers with a flat tire. My doctor would be so proud–I did NOT ride, just went out with my parents to groom and handwalk a bit. Lucky is almost, ALMOST shed out. I found a very bumpy, scaly patch under his mane that was apparently the best itchy spot to curry ever. Not just leaning into it, full-on head-up teeth-clacking itchy spot. So he also got a spongedown with an iodine wash again when I was done. After some walking and grazing (because grass tastes better on the outside of the pasture fence) I put him back out. My finger was absolutely fine, of course. Then I dropped a can of dog food on it at Tractor Supply. Of course, the dogs are trying to take me out. (But it was 3/$1!) Even long-distance. When we came OUT of TSC, we discovered that the van had picked up a nail or pin of some sort, probably at Home Depot (yes, it was a ‘toy store’ stop! I’m fantasizing about new floors, and tomorrow we garden. And grill. I will probably do more grilling than digging, as I don’t need two hands for that.) So instead of getting home in time to see the race, we had to wait for AAA to come and patch it, then find a gas station with an air pump. Not that I feel especially gypped–I was not expecting great things from Super Saver, though I am sorry to not have seen Lookin at Lucky win. He was my Derby pick.


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