Spring Sillies

An e-mail update from the BO this morning. Yesterday, we had pretty constant cold rain, so everyone stayed inside. When she went out this morning apparently Lucky was a little pushy about going out, though he waited when asked. When she turned him out in his pasture, he decided to have a gallop around, complete with bucks, and he finished by rearing up at Dino. (Dino, apparently, gave him a look like “You crazy, man.”)

I have seen the specialist about my finger. Besides a bone fragment in the joint, I have what is called an enchondroma in the fingertip. It’s a bony tumor that makes the bone brittle. It’s in the distal phalanx, the tiniest bone, so if they operate they can’t put a plate on, just clean it out and pack it. Apparently these are little tumors that usually don’t get found unless you break another bone and they notice it on x-ray. He put a new, more comfortable splint on my hand, which is nice. What isn’t nice is he really does not want me riding or dancing or doing anything where I might “fall.” I really don’t think he’s being realistic here. So far I’ve banged it around mostly at home. I’m not kidding myself that I COULD fall riding (dance not so much–I’m not doing anything like lifts likely to cause a fall, and if I trip I have someone to catch me!) But I think he is drastically misreading where I’m likely to hurt myself. So we’ll see how well I listen.


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