Hair, Hair, Everywhere

The weather up here is not conducive to riding. Everyone had a case of the windy crazies out in the pastures. I usually don’t have to put the chain on Lucky’s nose to bring him in, but today he needed the reminder. Dino also tried to make a run for the gate, while over in the other big pasture Trudy, Dom, and Takota were running laps. I can’t really blame them all–besides the constant blowing wind and the intermittent downpours (which was an improvement over the day before, which featured thunderstorms) it was cold. Cold enough for a flannel-lined raincoat and gloves, noses-running (his and mine) cold. And the wind wasn’t making it any better. Since I am still one-handed, more or less (the second x-ray is tomorrow, my appointment with the bone and joint specialist is Monday) riding in the wet cold while he was already zooey seemed like a bad plan. Hard to contain a spook if you can’t close your left hand!

I have to wonder if this is the universe conspiring to make me spend an hour at a time on grooming. I swear, every time I think we’ve made headway into this whole shedding thing, I come back and there’s more hair. I’m not exaggerating with the ‘hour’ part. Most of that involved the curry comb, too. I am starting to see what looks like a summer coat on his neck, chest and shoulders, but from the shoulder back, there still fuzz. Wet fuzz today, given it’s been raining on and off and even though they have perfectly good run-ins full of perfectly good hay, it’s more fun to stand out in the wind and rain eating grass and scaring yourself with trees blowing. Horse minds. Even in the barn, Lucky, who is normally pretty unflappable (see last entry for examples) was not exactly at ease with the big door closed behind the crossties and creaking in the wind. Leaving it open, though, would have turned the place into a (cold) wind tunnel, so he dealt. I spent probably thirty minutes just on the curry, and finished up with a rub rag after brushes, which I don’t always use. Overall, his coat looks better. There are a few scaly spots, but not the full-body dandruff. It was too cold to give him an iodine wash, so I spot-treated what I saw. On the plus side, it’s too cold to worry much about bugs!

He was actually pushy going out as well, so back to the chain again. Probably the weather, and he even did a big trot out and a canter circle with what might have been a buck when I let him loose. Dino was duly unimpressed. The sky was getting dark again, but they both kept standing out in the rain.

I am window-shopping now that the Finger Lakes trainer listings and CANTER are back in full swing. (Hey, every hunter needs a couple horses, right? Plus Lucky was so good about one-hand reining and jogging for me off the seat and legs, and is so disinterested in bit contact and goes on a loose rein, maybe he harbors a deep desire to go Western! He could totally do it! I even have a cowboy hat. 😉 ) Looking at all these nice sales pictures has driven home–Lucky has REALLY got a split mane. Half of it’s on the left, half of it’s on the right. He’d been not-quite-roached when I got him, but now that it’s grown out it’s really, really obvious. I’m tempted to just roach it, but he doesn’t really have a fantastic neck, plus a mane gives him at least a little layering to keep the bugs away. Plus I’ve never been a fan of roached manes–but there’s that hunting print I have with all these roach-maned horses. Maybe it wouldn’t look that bad. I’m not planning to braid him any time soon.

It looks like the stormy weather has finally passed by. I hope so–I’d like to get to the barn if the x-ray doesn’t take too long tomorrow. Plus, Puff does not handle storms well. To put it mildly. The other night I ended up with forty-two pounds of shepherd mix crawling into my lap. He has a very, very stressful day when it storms.


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  1. Louise
    May 09, 2010 @ 08:03:47

    I PM’d you on COTH about the horse thing.


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