I robbed a pony string somewhere of a very good pony

Seriously, Lucky probably would be a pretty good track pony. He is, to put it mildly, more or less accepting of everything, including a one-handed rider.

Not quite one-handed. My left middle finger is in a splint and sometimes stretching the other fingers on that hand hurts the broken one again. I can still close the fingers and that was enough for the reins. I realize that going to ride the day after breaking a finger is probably not the smartest thing in the world to do, but the weather has been so nice, and I had brought home his other bridle to clean and to put on the Kimberwicke . . . . Grooming was not so bad, as Lucky tends not to fuss, especially about having his feet done (he let me basically rest his leg on my wrist instead of actually holding it up. However, he did decide today would be the day to be a butt about bridling. I don’t know if he didn’t like the feel of the metal instead of the rubber or what, but he didn’t want to open his mouth, and I had a time getting him to when I couldn’t use one of my fingers to hold the bit.

Considering the situation, I hadn’t planned on riding long–I couldn’t tighten on the left rein even as much as I thought I’d be able to, and I didn’t even bother trying to switch whip hands. I started in the round pen, working on bending some more. Lucky demonstrated again that he’s largely unflappable about things that are nearby and he can see. The BO was mowing the grass in the lanes and Lucky was unperturbed by the mower, even to it driving up and stopping. However, scary lane is still scary. I managed to get him to walk down it, against his better judgment, and he also got to experience sitting trot (since I was riding one-handed at several points.) I might have to try him in a western saddle, just to see what he thinks. He isn’t precisely neck-reining, just kind of listening to my seat and legs. But he does jog nicely. I decided not to push my luck TOO much on things like the scary lane, or walking too far to the driveway (the gate was open for the mower), as if we did have a spooky tantrum, my left hand was basically useless.

He got a new dose of ivermectin today (and he can’t be the only horse who slurps up the syringe? Right?) and an iodine wash, as his coat looked better after yesterday’s. We’ll see if that helps with the weight and coat. I would comment on his reaction to the kimberwicke but since I couldn’t really use my left hand, it wouldn’t be a fair analysis.


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