Rain, hair, and mud.

Of course, on the days you can go out to the barn, it’s raining. Yesterday, it wasn’t so bad–mostly a light drizzle, so I was able to ride. One of those “rains” that was really just enough moisture to keep the dust down. That, though, was after I spent forty-five minutes on his coat. Lucky is definitely shedding. It’s a shame there isn’t a market for yarn spun out of horsehair from a horse’s winter coat. I could have had a bale going. Lucky’s coat has exploded this week and is coming off in massive clumps, complete with more of that dandruff. His face is almost complete shed out now, and he’s definitely a different shade of bay under that fuzz. He would also be more than content to stand there all day while I worked on his coat. Which is basically what I did today. They were inside, as it had gone from manageable drizzle yesterday to cold, on-and-off downpours today, so I spent my barn time with him in the crossties working on his coat some more. He would cheerfully put up with this all day long, with appropriate breaks for cookies.

Riding he would be much more happy to forgo. I’m now starting to be seriously concerned about pain, as he’s back to being highly resistant to going forward. He’s not hot, and the ground IS uneven, so he may just be out of shape and really opposed to working on the incline. It also may still be that tooth. I’ll be so, so happy when it’s Friday and the tooth specialist comes. I suspect Lucky will be, too.

For anyone who was wondering: the kitten is of course staying. Her name is now Sundae. This way, when you line her up with cats my parents have acquired in their barn recently, we have Thursday, Friday, Saturn, and Sundae.


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  1. Louise
    Apr 26, 2010 @ 06:32:13

    You see! Cats just have a way of growing on you.


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