Kitten update

Kitten went to the vet today along with the dogs. (It’s mosquito, flea and tick season; do you know where your Heartgard and Frontline are? The good news: she is FIV and Fe-leuk negative, and got her first kitten shots. She needs a booster in a month, so she can go back with the big boys who are due for rabies and other shots.

Unbelievable news: they looked at her teeth. She is AT LEAST six months old. The vet says she undoubtedly got a ‘rough start’ and will probably never get very big. This doesn’t seem to bother her. Hopefully she’ll be able to hold her own with the boys. I put her back in the mud room and will introduce her this evening when I’m home to supervise. At the vet, the techs said she was so concerned with clinging to the table when they took her back to draw blood that she never even noticed the needle! When the vet looked her over, she did the same thing, clinging to the table and hanging over the side watching Puff. The vet asked her if her ‘big protector’ was down there. Puff as usual was very concerned.

Tucker spent her time in the waiting room sitting with other people. She wants to meet EVERYONE. Except other dogs. Though once they went nose to nose she seemed okay with a very exciteable West Highland White.


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  1. Louise
    Apr 13, 2010 @ 12:56:24

    Ohhh, that sounds so cute. Too bad no pictures. By the way, two of my cats are very small. One is a scardy cat, but the other is a fierce little thing who regularly beats up my big orange boy.


    • luckytocope
      Apr 13, 2010 @ 15:31:59

      There may be some tonight–I’ll try and get some if in “introduction” goes well. Jet’s seen her through the door, and I honestly can’t imagine Marcus (who was seized in Brockton, MA from a house with sixty other kittens as a baby) caring all that much about a cat who’s smaller than he is.


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