Okay, not. We just had a moment where he apparently decided that crazy monkey was being so obnoxious wanting a LEFT lead when turning LEFT (today was counter-canter day at the farm) that fine, here’s a flying change with a little extra kick thrown in. Yee-Haw! It got me a few strides of a forward, correct canter that curved the right direction, and he didn’t make a fit out of it. And hey, he’s capable of doing a flying change if he wants to. I could just do without the extra bang. But we got a left lead out of it, and we made it all the way around once on the right.

Also, demonstrating that there is something scary about the scary woods, today, guy riding big old riding lawn mower to do the lawn of the house next door (the paddock with hotwire and a run-in that backs up on the outdoor belongs to that house–it’s been for sale for a while if anyone’s looking for a nice house with room for a pony) is nothing. That’s fine. Waving to him? No problem. Him waving back? Check. Up and down the lawn, not worth batting an eyelash. Guy twice as far away through trees not making half as much noise yesterday? SCARY. OMG SO SCARY. Trees make everything scarier.

The flies were a bit better today, but I still went a bit overboard on the ears. He also got the candy cane I found in the kitchen-while Lucky will generally eat anything, peppermints are very high on his list of best treats ever. When I turned him back out, he seemed to do his usual casual stroll, but when I looked back out the barn as I was sweeping up, I saw a little bit of a run (well, canter) with a little buck thrown in. Of course when I went out to watch he had decided that was enough for one day and went back to eating. But it was nice to see him acting like a thoroughbred, at least once in a while!


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