More pics!


Cantering this morning! Lucky has basically no balance right now, so getting into a canter is not at all pretty. KEEPING him in the canter takes an awful lot of leg. But he will canter, and I will take a horse who’d rather stop than go, all things considered.

Mom has impeccable timing taking pictures.

Cooling out in the lanes between the pastures.

Lucky's favorite part--stopping for pictures.

I will be so glad when shedding season is over. Not only does he sweat up fast, grooming is a massive hassle. He’s patient, but it can’t be comfortable coming out in clumps. Also, the skin patches I’m treating with the iodine would be much easier to see with fewer long hairs. There are other spots where I’m not sure if it’s something, or just hair, and until the winter coat is gone I won’t be able to see. He did get another bath today, plus drinks from the hose (it’s like a little kid–even if it’s the exact same water in the bucket it tastes better when it’s from the hose.) I’m sure he got himself good and sandy once I turned him out, but he was, briefly, clean.

I hope he didn’t mind the thunder and lightening that passed through this evening. Puff does not like loud booms, though he did manage to lie down. He was still shaking pretty badly. Molly is also not a fan of booms (though thunder is not as bad as gunshots) and Puff being upset made her think there was even more to worry about. Tucker was just annoyed someone else was getting attention. They’d better enjoy the visit while it lasts!

The kitten is still in the mud room. When she didn’t come out yesterday after some ear mite medicine, Puff was so deeply concerned he climbed halfway into her cubby and didn’t want to move, because the kitten was not coming out. That’s not normal! He felt much better about it when she was feeling more active later.


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