It’s always sunny in southwest Michigan….

On the days I can’t go to the barn, at least. I did have time for Tractor Supply before work. Lucky is out of biotin, and his hooves are looking so much better he’s staying on it! The sole is firm, the quarter grab is basically gone, and his coat quality’s improved as well. I also realized it’s time for fly spray. It doesn’t feel like spring yet, but there were gnats at the barn and it’s time for the dogs to go in for Heartgard and Frontline (the vet does a blood draw before starting heartworm drugs, and no, contrary to Pet Meds’ commercials we don’t do heartworm/flea/tick all year here. It’s still getting a hard frost at night now and it starts snowing in October! The vet thinks it’s overkill.) The BO has already ordered the Fly Predators she uses to control the population in the barn (which sounds much less disgusting than the traps or strips). We used them at the zoo, and strange at it seems they really do work for that, anyway. She also got the worming meds–easier if everyone in the barn is on the same schedule. I’m not sure where she ordered it (the price sounded too low to be Smart Pak) but it’s a year’s supply of rotated meds for under $40, much cheaper than I could do buying it separately.

The kitten has not entirely warmed to me, but she does adore the dogs. She’ll come out and rub on their faces and legs and stand right underneath them. The dogs like her, too. Tucker even tried to push Puff away from her. Still not keeping her. Really.


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  1. Louise
    Mar 30, 2010 @ 07:41:56

    Uh huh, you’re not keeping her. Riiiiiight. Sounds like Lucky’s health is really improving. I have to start thinking about heartworm meds for the cats, also. Uggg, I hate it. Two gobble it right up, but two of them have to be pilled, and, one has a 6th sense about when I have the cut up disk in hand, and WILL NOT be caught.


    • luckytocope
      Mar 30, 2010 @ 08:19:07

      As long as his skin clears up and we get that tooth fixed…I’m doing the messy iodine, the BO is bag balming his bare patch. It looks better already.

      And the kitten better learn to use a litterbox if she wants to stay! Though this morning it looked like she might actually be getting the picture. Still, I’m thinking the barn might be best for her. She’s still not really a people person. Plus we can use all the mousers we can get!


  2. Jessica
    Mar 30, 2010 @ 23:03:40

    We’ve already got mosquitoes the size of small bird here! Ugh! I looked up over Bar’s shoulder the other night into a small cloud of the darn blood suckers.

    We are vaccinated, of course, but sheesh.


    • luckytocope
      Mar 30, 2010 @ 23:42:32

      Lucky’s had his WNV shot, the dogs will get their stuff, but yech anyway. I think the gnats are really the worst, with the massive, irritating clouds and you just walk through them without warning….

      Oh, the horseflies, I forgot the stupid horseflies….it’s been so long since I’ve seen one of those monsters. I hope it’s a long time before I see another.


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