Round and round and round….

It was insanely windy today. No rain, fortunately, but wind, meaning everyone had a case of the zooeys. And of course Lucky saw me coming and immediately pretended he didn’t. Rolling at the far end of the pasture was much more important. Fortunately it was just sand, and after an offering of a TicTac (yes, he likes them, too. Wintergreen) he decided he’d come in.

In the big ring, I’m not sure if it was because my Barn Owner was riding Dino (we’ve never had another horse in the ring before) or the wind (probably the wind) but we were having a horsey ADD day. Head up, and when I asked for a trot the head came WAY up and we had bouncy and inverted. Very inverted; that feeling of their back just dropping out from under you, so inverted you think you’re going backwards. So when it was apparent we weren’t going to get any focus, I got off and we went to the round pen. There are several advantages to riding in the round pen–it limits his options; because of where it is, the barn blocks his view of the hay field and the houses beyond that he likes to stare at because it’s more interesting than the monkey on his back; and if he wants to move (or I make him) he has to bend. So if we’re having attention issues, we go to the round pen.

And once the distractions were minimized, he did reasonably well. I am not looking forward to trying to sit that trot! Lucky is not looking forward to having to do two times around the round pen at a trot again. But he does go, at least with some strong, strong leg encouragement and a bit of contact. And he is having to work to balance on the relatively small circle of the round pen, which also means he’s concentrating on that and not what’s going on half a mile across the field.

I am going to have forty-eight hours now for my legs and back to stop hurting and to get my muscles back to being used to dancing. Tanning tomorrow, and driving to the comp the day after. The dogs met their dog-sitter today, and I think they will get along just fine.


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