Apparently I Have a Clever Horse

So I got an e-mail from the BO today saying Lucky was turned out in the lanes behind the barn. He’d visited with Trudy, was hanging out near Takota, didn’t seem worried when they took the tractor through, basically having a good day.

So I get home from a late day at work (our monthly lecture–hey, extra pay and they’re usually interesting speakers.) I have another e-mail from the BO. When a horse is turned out in the lanes, she and her husband string a rope across that end of the barn to keep the horse out (the house side has a roll-down metal gate.)

You see where I’m going with this.

She came out to feed, and lo and behold, there is Lucky standing in the barn aisle. He has pulled down four bales of hay and is having himself a hay buffet. He’s very casual about it when she comes in. The rope is still up across the end of the barn. It is high enough he probably did not jump it and low enough he would have had to crouch down quite far for a horse to go under, but I am fairly sure that’s what he did. (Good to know he’s fine with stuff brushing his back.) She put him in his stall, cleaned up his salad bar, and got a bin and pitchfork to clean up in the lanes and the barn aisle.

No poop.

It took a minute, apparently, to figure out why. In addition to deciding grass is boring and the pile of hay out for him in the lanes is not as good as bales he chose himself, Lucky also figured “Why get the grass or the cement dirty when I can just go into Takota’s nice clean stall and do it there?” Yes, he went back INTO the barn, into Takota’s stall (the biggest, of course) and did all his business for the day there.

I have a clever horse. Worthy of a midweek update at least.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Louise
    Mar 04, 2010 @ 08:53:33

    You have a clever horse. And, one, apparently, who has figured out where the food is. Silly pony!


  2. Jessica
    Mar 06, 2010 @ 22:15:15

    Lena and Bar have both been known to walk out under their hot wires–which does involve crouching.

    Lena even undid her chain, when there was only one on her gate (there are now two), and THEN went under the wire.

    Smart horses are so challenging, but in a good way.


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