Two Steps Back

Not really a great day out at the barn. Lucky decided that he was going to notice the horse on the property next door, and to be especially bouncy. Partially because I am completely chickenshit, and partially because he was bouncing with his head above the bit and I had no contact, which would make bolting in the snow even less entertaining, I got off and hand-walked him to have a look at the far end of the arena. He was fairly decent in hand, even dropping his head for scritches while I stood there talking with the BO.

That was when Takota and Dom started playing bucking broncos. And Lucky decided to REALLY get bouncy. To the point he got the reins out of my hand (though honestly at that point I gave up–I wasn’t going to risk slipping and ending up underfoot.) He tried running, and managed to step THROUGH the reins. So now we had a hyper horse with the reins up behind his elbow. Fortunately, he seemed smart enough, after scaring himself a couple times, he stopped and stood while the BO grabbed him. I held his head while she got his foot up and the reins off. Again, I’m probably just chicken, but I decided that was it and we were going to have some walking. So I took him back to the barn, untacked, and brought him back with the chain shank on for a walk around the ring, complete with standing at the block while I fussed above his back. Then he got put away, with treats. Hopefully it was just a bad day–possibly the weird weather, combined with only getting a bit of work once a week (largely a consequence of the weather.) And his rider being a bit of a chickenshit.

The dog march continues. I think I may finally have worn Tucker out, though Puff is hitting the point where he’s TOO fit. At this rate he’ll need a doggy treadmill because I can’t walk him enough!

Also, for those who are into more visual blogs, good news on the horizon. Assuming that I can figure out how to use it, I did finally order a digital point and shoot camera, so there can be photo updates to go with the written updates!


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  1. Natalie Keller Reinert
    Feb 28, 2010 @ 23:10:42

    My old OTTB was totally freaked out by other horses. He would go past an emu farm, then panic if there were horses next to the emus. What is that? lol. Poor boy just needs to be worked every day, probably. Weather, oye…You’ll be fine 🙂


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