What’s that bright thing?

Up in the sky? And why is the sky that funny blue color?

Yes, the sun was out today, and it was not freezing for a change. In fact it’s warming up enough the ground is soft, and the snow is starting to get slushy. My BO is out of town this weekend, but I decided that, lacking in safety sense as it might be, I’d saddle up anyway. (BO is also an RN, so it’s reassuring when riding to know there’s someone not medically clueless nearby.) I did have my cell phone in my pocket, just in case. Lucky stood for mounting and this time he didn’t step off until I asked. So, improvement! He was also slightly less looky, and a little more responsive to my leg. Since the ground is softening and the snow is much more wet than ice, I decided we would try a little trotting. He will move off. If anything, it’s keeping going that is his issue. He did have a massage and was apparently a little stiff, which isn’t surprising. He’s had probably the longest layoff in years the last couple months. I’m not pushing it. The footing is still not anywhere near non-snow-covered and there’s plenty of time for conditioning. For him, and for me!

Our other big challenge of the day was to ride out of the arena. Since the lane back to the barn is now mud more than snow, I rode him out of the gate and back to the barn, at the walk, without incident. (Despite Takota gnawing on the top rail of the fence behind us. I am determined not to get trapped in the ‘going round in circles in a ring” thing, which is not even so much about his brain as mine.

And for those who are visiting from COTH, we may have another Peep Ho in the making. In the continuing search to find something Lucky won’t eat, I offered up two yellow bunny peeps for his consideration. The first one disappeared, the second apparently required being bitten in half, dropped, picked up, and chewed more thoughtfully. But they did go down. And he looks quite cute with yellow sugar crumbs on his nose.

The Bataan Dog March continues. I’m not sure if I’m actually getting the weight off Tucker, but my legs look great, and Puff is becoming a lean, mean, walking machine. Now, if there were only a way to do it that didn’t increase stamina, as he is not at all tired. At this rate, forget a fenced yard, I will need a doggy treadmill to tire him out.


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  1. Louise
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 09:18:55

    You’re lucky you have a place to walk. I have to wait until Spring before I can start because getting to any good walking place requires walking in the busy road outside of my house first, and I’m too chicken to do that.

    How’s Lucky looking these days?


    • luckytocope
      Feb 22, 2010 @ 12:05:25

      Oh, it’s all roads. Mostly it’s up to the county road commission how plausible walking is. Traffic is not too bad, so long as I stay off M-51. There’s not much shoulder there and everyone’s doing 60. Side roads–okay, they’re doing 55, but there’s a lot fewer of them! The dogs would rather go tromping across fields and peoples’ front yards, but they are not allowed.

      Lucky has grown himself a nice winter coat. I cannot decide if he’s put on weight or just lost muscle and isn’t as tucked up, but he’s definitely not ribby. The farrier’s coming back in a couple weeks and I’m interested to hear what he thinks–except for the left front (which he thought if anything was a bit too upright) there hasn’t been much shelly flaking as the holes from the nails grow out. The right front is still too flat-footed, but his soles are nice and hard, and the quarter grab is almost grown out so hopefully he can start shortening the toe and raising the heel. All things considered Lucky’s got very nice feet. It’ll be nice if I can keep him barefoot for a while. From the looks of them, that’ll depend mostly on how training goes, not on needing correctives.


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