Same Ol’, Same Ol’

While we are not facing the same sort of Snowpocalypse as the East Coast (thank goodness) we did get another snow day on Wednesday. This meant more drifts and today, even though it looked better than the big outdoor, when I walked Lucky around before trying to get on his front feet actually slid forward at one point, and we were both up to our knees. So, I figured that at least the snow would be shallower, and I hadn’t noticed any ice, so we would try the big ring. I mounted from the stump again and this time he stepped off once I was up, so we had a small discussion about standing.

With the snow as deep as it is, I can’t really do much for now but work on very basic basics. Not unsurprisingly, he’s not very clear on leg aids beyond ‘go forward’, and he’s very inverted and above the bit, though he does mouth it and he pays some attention to my hands. The knee-deep snow makes me not sure if his head-up reluctance to go forward is footing, OTTB being an OTTB, bridle fit (I have my doubts and think I need to punch another hole in the cheekpiece), saddle fit, not a fan of the bit (copper dee) or some combination of the above. With snow up to his knees, and no real desire to get him at all warm under the saddle, I’m not going to push it. So we worked on turning, stopping and standing, and getting him to drop his nose as much as possible. He’s heavy in front, which isn’t surprising, and as I said, the legs are just kind of there as far as he’s concerned. But except for a dancy bit at the end, he was willing, by and large, to stop playing lookie-lou and at least walk and circle. It starting snowing again and the wind was picking up, so I hopped down and took him back to the barn, with a little walking on the plowed area by the door.

When we got back to the crossties we had one of those nice moments only other horse people get. When I went to start unbuckling the bridle Lucky decided to just put his chin on my shoulder and rest it there, for no apparent reason. For all I know he was just tired, but I’d like to think it means he likes me.

My dogs, meanwhile, probably hate me. Tucker, as I may have mentioned, has some pudge problems. Puff, meanwhile, is ten years old and could use the exercise. We have adopted the diet and exercise plan I like to call the Bataan Dog March. I’m shooting for a minimum of 2 miles a day, with 4-5 on days when I have more time. So we just got back from yet another long walk on country roads. Adding insult to injury, I washed their dog beds, which I’m sure they thought were all nice and stinky. I’m such a mean dog mommy.


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  1. Louise
    Feb 13, 2010 @ 20:24:49

    Wish I could do those walkies with my cats. They’re all pleasingly plump. Somehow, I don’t think that four cats, on four leashes, walking down a busy road would be a good idea, however. Becky and Gina would be scared to death, but Leon and Rachael would be all “cool, let’s go see this.” “This” being 180 degrees apart from each other.

    I bet you’ll be glad when Spring comes, and you can get down to consistent work with Lucky.


    • luckytocope
      Feb 15, 2010 @ 13:18:29

      Heh, if I put a leash on Jet and Marcus it’s a toss-up whether they’re cooperate or I’ll be dragging a furry lump. Jet actually kind of liked walking around at my parents’, though Mom stopped him from climbing to the hayloft! Obviously he remembers the barn, at least a little.

      And Tucker and Puff have their moments of “THIS WAY!” “NO THIS WAY!” Usually one stops, one is still going, and Puff pulls like a freight train so he usually wins.

      I will be very glad when spring comes, not just so I can do more but so it’ll stop being so darn cold! I have to bundle up like crazy just to take the dogs out for five minutes. When it’s late at night I spend more time getting my coat, hat, gloves, boots, etc on than I do actually taking them out.


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