I wish *I* could have a massage….

But the BO’s friend does animals, not people. So hopefully tomorrow Lucky will be getting a nice massage. Which will be good, because today he felt tight up under the saddle and generally stiff.

Yep–under the saddle! I decided to just tack up, get up, and see what he did, or at least what we could do given the snow still on the ground. (We’re supposed to get a little more tonight, though nothing like what the poor East Coast is getting! Which is fine, we already did the “eighteen inches in two hours” thing in December.) So I did. Lucky stood perfectly well for mounting, from the stump, and from the block, and even for an abortive attempt to mount from the ground. I can, in fact, get my left foot into the stirrup, but the bounce off the right? Not so much. Especially not in jeans and hiking boots. Maybe in breeches and tall boots, without a heavy wool coat, and with more long walks with the dogs to build up my legs.

Lucky will go forward. For the moment, that is about all. At the moment, he’s the quintessential inverted OTTB, with his head up high enough I don’t have any contact with the bit (and when I do it looks like I’m going to have to punch another hole in the cheek pieces–it’s a bridle for a horse, he’s a full-size horse, but I swear I’m going to have to go down to a cob) and he is definitely vague on what the leg aids mean. On the positive side, he does go forward, he is aware of the bit and legs even if he’s not entirely sure what I’m talking about with them, he will stop and back a couple steps, and his primary means of protest seem to be stopping. I took him into the round pen after a little fooling in the outdoor, and we did a couple circuits in both directions. Priority number one is going to be installing power steering, I think, but considering the lousy footing, cold weather, and almost three months off, I’d say we’re doing just fine.


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