Another Day with the Crazy Ex-Racehorse

Besides the snow, we also have bone-chilling windchill. Puff and Tucker still require walking a lot but I’m trying to convince them that going south on our road (past the big open fields) is a bad idea. So not much outside-the-barn time today or yesterday. Yesterday, Lucky got a walk with a bridle on, and I’m hoping that copper really does warm up faster than steel. I did my best, but I wasn’t going to go so far as to put it in MY mouth to warm it up!

Lucky is, I think, a little bored with no real work to do. Today I got to the barn and picked out the stall. It’s actually covered, as I have him on full board, but it hadn’t been done yet, and I was there. Lucky also can come and go from his stall all day, while the others can’t, and he seems to have a preference for voiding in the stall, rather than outside in his paddock. (As he demonstrated when I put him away today.) I think I’d prefer a real pitchfork rather than the barn’s apple pickers when you’re dealing with straw bedding.

As I showed in an earlier photograph, we have a pesky barn cat:

Today Pest got to go for a pony ride. I stuck her up on Lucky’s back to keep her out of my way while I cleaned his feet, and because I admit, I was curious. Feet are the last thing I do before tack, or since today I was just using the chain lead, before I take him out. So I left her up there to see what Lucky would think when I walked him out. Despite having a wobbly, meowing passenger, he was laid back about the entire thing. The Pest, on the other hand, made it out to the end of the aisle before deciding she’d had enough and bailing. Lucky went for a bit of a walk. The BO’s used the tractor to clear a little bit of the lane and a loop in the outdoor. We had an adventure in plowing through a snow mound. Given how cold it is, the snow’s powdery and sandy, and Lucky was a trooper about it.

He has a date with the farrier on Tuesday. I’m hoping to get his back plates pulled, and see what can be done about his front feet. The left is nice, while the right has the quarter grab. I can see, looking head-on, where it’s spreading more than the left. There’ll have to be something on it for a while, but if the back can lose the shoes and we can start raising all his heels a little, I’ll be happy.

I’ll be happier, too, if the weather eases up a little. The windchill tonight is bitter cold. The dogs will have to go out once more, but I think it’s going to be a very short trip.


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