Another Snow Day

Another day without making it to the barn. We are now being buried in lake-effect snow and it took me almost twenty minutes to get to a house near my job–a drive that should take less than ten. I was just happy we didn’t slide into a ditch.

Back in my first post I mentioned Puff.

Puff is lonely. He is a dog’s dog and misses having other dogs around. So my New Year’s project is to find a friend for Puff. Today we visited the Dowagiac Animal Rescue League, to meet Sammy, Heidi, and some puppies. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of them are going to work out–Sammy, a foxhound cross, is just too bouncy, Heidi can’t be trusted with cats, and puppies are, well, puppies. I can’t be home all day every day most of the time, which means puppies are just not going to work. Which is a shame, because they were incredibly cute puppies. But I don’t think Puff was really thrilled having to teach puppy manners as it is. But he was having fun visiting with dogs, and was depressed again when we went home. So when I go to get his license on Monday, maybe I will swing through the shelter cages. I think a smaller female might be the ticket–someone like Molly.

The cats are just going to have to learn to deal. Of course the cats even have their own room, so they really shouldn’t complain.


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