A Walk in the Woods

The horrible weather we’re being promised for New Year’s hasn’t set in yet, but the disadvantages to not having an indoor have set in–there’s ice under the snow at the barn, and in the outdoor Lucky, with his plates on, is slipping every other step. So no riding. But the BO (Barn Owner, for the few readers I might have who didn’t wander over from the Chronicle of the Horse Forums) suggested that I take him out on the trails instead. So Lucky went for a walk.

I kept the saddle on, but took him with a chain shank and halter. The barn I board at has a small half-mile training track, used mostly for the trotting pony, and probably another half-mile of trails in the woodlot between their property and next door. The temperature today was high enough to make the snow wet, but not to melt anything, so the woods were walkable.

I ended up being glad I had the chain. In the woods, he was actually quite good–very head-high, with his ears up, but no spooking. Of course nothing much exciting happened–no deer, no birds, and none of the wind they’ve been calling for. Though Takota, the paint, started calling and Lucky did reply.

The bouncy moments came later–to get out to the track and the trails, you can either go the long way around the hayfield, or down the lane between the two large turnout pastures. Going out we were fine. Coming back, Dom and Takota decided to charge the fence and run with us. Lucky went VERY high-headed, and up on his toes to boot. We had a minor discussion involving the chain and going forward, and he went forward.

After what was probably a half-mile of walking, the girth (a 58″), which was pulled up to the top hole on one side and a hole down from the top on the other, had slipped back. He may be taller than Benny, but he apparently is skinnier. A good excuse for a trip to Shipsie. If I can find a new one cheaper than Dover, and better than what Tractor Supply usually has, it’ll be easier than mail-order. I just need to not come back with a horse in tow. The auction there has more than even the brokers can buy.


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